Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Melted Crayon Canvas

So, I've been seeing this melted crayon canvas evverryywhheerrreeee, & I've fallen in love! It wasn't until I came across cheap canvases at Hobby Lobby that I realized I could just make one myself instead of wishing I had one. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought, & it didn't take as much time as I planned either!
(I apologize in advance for blurry photos, but you get the idea)

Here's what you need:

  • Crayons
  • A canvas of any size
  • A blow-dryer
  • A paintbrush (Mine has been gently used..)
  • Some sort of glue (I used Mod Podge gloss finish)
  • Probably something to put under the melting crayons..       (I used a paper towel)
After you've picked out all the colors you want & put them in a desired order, slide them down the canvas to keep them in order for gluing. Then, spread a generous amount of Mod Podge on the canvas, covering an area the width of about two crayons. (Just to prevent the glue from drying) Stick the crayons to the glued canvas, & continue across in small sections until you're done.

Next, you blow-dry! 
It's easiest to set the canvas standing up-right so the crayons can melt down. Aim the blow-dryer towards the middle or bottom of the crayons so the tops don't melt over the wrapper. It only takes a couple minutes for the crayons to melt. 
I don't have a picture for's pretty self-explanatory.

Then, waa-laa! You can melt the crayons as much, or as little, as you want. There are sooo many variations of this craft, so they come out different each time.

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